H.H. Chatral Rinpoche ceremony


Mr. Saraf and Their excellencies the Ambassadors of India, Sri-lanka, and Burma were  also attending the ceremony along with other high rinpoches and khenpos from all over the world to give their final respects to H.H Chatral Rinpoche.


His Excellency the Ambassador of China attended the ceremony and paid respect to H.H. Kathok Situ Rinpoche.




Lama and Buddhist friends from all over the world made their prayers and gave their final respects to H.H Chatral Rinpoche.


H.H. Chatral Rinpoche passed his final messages to all of us.

Today, Chatral Rinpoche body has shrunk to the size of a child, age 2 or 3

H.H. Chatral Rinpoche passed his final messages to all of us:
“There is no reincarnation of me. Don’t cry for me, it is useless to cry for me. Rest your heart on Dharma, base your actions on bring benefits to others, and rest especially in the practice of Dzogpa Chenpo.”


A Message from Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Upon the Passing of Chatral Rinpoche


The passing of Chatral Sangye Rinpoche marks the end of an era. Suddenly we have lost a sentry who was zealously guarding the Buddhadharma in general, the Vajrayana in particular, and especially Tibetan Buddhism and the Nyingma lineage.

The word chatral has the connotation of an ascetic yogi who abandons all. Usually names are given as labels. But in the one now passing into paranirvana, the name Chatral was not just a label. He was the epitome and embodiment of what the word chatral really means.

In his long lifespan of more than 102 years, this is a man who did so much, associated with some of the greatest beings, and became master of the masters, including teaching and becoming the guru of the very man who found the 14th Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso, who was known as Yongzin Gyaltsab Radreng Rinpoche. Yet this same man can barely boast a monastery, institute, or dharma centre. Around him, paraphernalia like gold-plated roofs and thrones are nowhere to be found. He was a Chatral in the true sense.

But make no mistake: Many lamas like myself, who make the loudest noises, display the most jarring images, and travel every inch and corner of the world, have achieved next to nothing compared to this man who appears never to have done anything except for keeping his meditation mat from ever getting cold. And if he did manifest in action, this is the man who spent 99.99% of what he had rescuing the lives of animals. So for ignorant beings like us to try and express the great qualities of this enlightened being is like trying to measure the depth and width of the sky.

Chatral Rinpoche And yet if I may express one thing from the little I have known of this man it is this: The Buddhadharma has so many challenges, including all the charlatans who do outright damage to the image of the Dharma. These may be overcome by those who seem to do the right thing, who appear serene, proper, and moral, and who never upset anyone. But that often leads us into another challenge that is harder to overcome. Because in doing things correctly, properly and morally, and in bearing the burden of not upsetting people, one ends up being the victim of political correctness and becoming hypocritical.

In my limited life I have seen very few anti-hypocritical beings, and he was one of them. He meant business, there was no negotiation, and of course he never traded one single word of the dharma for money. Time and again, he refused to bow down to the mighty.

He made a lot of us hypocritical beings shudder. Just knowing he was alive and breathing somewhere between Siliguri and Pharping made our hearts quake. Even though we never got to see him, especially towards the end of his life – and I myself was refused an audience 20 times or more – his mere presence on this earth shattered hypocrisy.

To express our homage, veneration and supplication, may we disciples of this man keep in our lives the practice of freeing living beings, such as releasing fish, and especially so within this month.

Chatral Rinpoche has passed into paranirvana

prayer-chatral3 rinpoche-chatral-prayer2

We have lost one of the greatest masters of our time, and should take this as a reminder of impermanence. May thinking of this instill loving-kindness and compassion in all beings throughout space!

There aren’t words for how sad this is. H.H. Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche passed mere weeks ago, and now H.H. Kyabje Chatral Rinpoche passed into paranirvana too. Rinpoche has entered paranirvana on 31st December 2015.

Through Rinpoche compassion, at this time of his parinirvana, we have an extraordinary opportunity to connect with his wisdom mind and receive his blessings. We should recite prayers and do practice in order to remove our own obscurations and connect to Rinpoche’s profound wisdom nature.

If you are the disciples of H.H. Chatral Rinpoche, now is the time to do Guru Yoga.




The Paranirvana of Kyabje Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche

The head of the oldest tradition of Tibetan Buddhism Kyabjé Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche, has passed into paranirvana on Wednesday (December 23) in the holy city of Bodh Gaya, where he was to attend the Nyingma Monlam and thereafter return to his Monastery, Thubten Dorje Drak Monastery, in Shimla.

Rinpoche, 89, is reportedly in the state of Thuk-dam or Parinirvana, the final meditative stage before nirvana. Although clinically dead the body sustains warmth and does not decay during the Thuk-dam.


According to Ugyen Tenzin, a senior monk and a close aide, Rinpoche wakes up around 2:30-3 AM to do his morning rituals and prayers. “However, on the day of his passing he got up around 1 at night and completed his morning prayers and rituals before passing into Thuk-dam state at around 2:30 AM,” said Ugyen.

“His remains, probably, will be brought back to Shimla for final rites after the Nyingma Monlam is over,” said Ugyen Tenzin.